Morning Glory Pool

Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park gets its name from its resemblance to the Morning Glory flower in shape and color.

Its blue and green hues result from the thermophilic bacteria inhabiting its hot waters.

Consequently, the pool is popularly known as Morning Glory Spring.

This article provides detailed information on the Morning Glory Pool and addresses all your questions and concerns.

What is Morning Glory Pool

Morning Glory Pool is an iconic blue-green pool in Yellowstone National Park. 

The pool is in the Upper Geyser Basin and is one of the most photographed thermal features in the park.

Morning Glory Pool depth

The Yellowstone Morning Glory Pool is estimated to be around 23 feet deep and some 20 feet in diameter.

The variation in measurement owes to the sediment accumulation in the pool over time.

The irregular shape of the pool further complicates accurate depth measurements.

Studies of Morning Glory Pool depth revealed that its temperature varies depending on its depth.

Morning Glory Pool Photos

Glory Pool
Image: Popsugar.com

Morning Glory Pool Facts

Here are a few cool facts about the Morning Glory Pool to keep you updated:

Before its present name, its inhabitants called Morning Glory Pool the Convoluta Pool. 

It was created by a hot spring with a vent at the base, letting steam and hot water out.

Its colorful hues are reminiscent of the petals of the Morning Glory flower, in contrast to the surrounding white and yellow mineral deposits.

Thermophiles cause the blue color of the pool.

The pool’s temperature varies with the hottest water in the pool’s center and cooler water towards the edges.

However, human intervention and waste have taken a toll on the Pool, causing a decline in its vivid coloration over time.

Natural processes and human intervention have caused the water level and color of the pool to fluctuate over time.

The Morning Glory Pool has been a protected natural landmark since 1978. Visitors cannot touch or throw anything into it.

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How to Get to Morning Glory Pool?

You can experience the beauty of Yellowstone National Park and the captivating beauty of the Morning Glory Pool by starting your journey at the West Entrance.

When you reach Old Faithful, drive along the Grand Loop Road for 15 miles (24.14 kilometers) after paying the park entrance fee.

From there, Take a left turn at the Old Faithful Inn and follow the signs for the Firehole Lake Drive.

After traveling three miles (4.82 Kilometers) on Firehole Lake Drive, you reach the Morning Glory Pool parking lot.

From there, follow the boardwalk trail across the Firehole River and through a forested area until you arrive at the Morning Glory Pool.

This boardwalk trail preserves the surrounding ecosystem; visitors must stay on the designated path.

Upon arrival at the Morning Glory Pool, you will meet colorful mineral deposits and the beauty of this unique hot spring.

Morning Glory Pool Map

Morning Glory Pool Hike

Starting at the iconic Old Faithful Geyser, the Morning Glory Pool Hike winds through the Upper Geyser Basin.

Hikers will view Grotto Geyser’s long-lasting eruptions and Grand Geyser’s towering water jets.

They will encounter the mesmerizing Rainbow Pool before reaching the Morning Glory Pool.

Morning Glory Pool Trail

The trail from Old Faithful to Morning Glory Pool spans 2.5 miles (4.02 kilometers) and takes visitors through a diverse range of geothermal features.

Commencing the journey from Old Faithful, observers may witness the distinctive geyser’s periodic outbursts, transpiring at roughly ninety-minute intervals.

The Morning Glory Pool trail proceeds through the Upper Geyser Basin, affording onlookers mesmerizing sights of hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles.

While traversing the path, travelers shall happen upon the Grotto Geyser, distinguished by its long-lasting outbursts that may extend for hours.

Additionally, the route shall lead visitors to the tallest predictable Geyser with eruptions as high as 200 feet, The Grand Geyser.

Visitors will also come across various wildlife, including Bisons, Elks, and Coyotes. 

Finally, They shall be entranced by the Rainbow Pool, culminating in their arrival at the illustrious Morning Glory Pool in the Upper Geyser Basin.


How hot is the Morning Glory Pool?

The temperature of the Morning Glory Pool ranges from 140°F (60°C) and 160°F (70°C), making it too hot to touch.
The source of the pool’s heat is due to the subterranean volcanic activity of the Yellowstone Caldera.

This underground volcanic activity heats the water in the Morning Glory Pool to extreme temperatures.

Can you swim in the Morning Glory Pool?

Swimming in the Morning Glory Pool is strictly forbidden due to its fragile ecosystem and status as a natural wonder that requires protection.

The Morning Glory Pool’s high temperatures endanger humans and promote the growth of unique heat-loving bacteria that thrive in hot water.

Swimming in the Morning Glory Pool may disrupt its sensitive equilibrium and negatively impact the ecosystem.

Visitors should view Morning Glory Pool from a safe point of view; they mustn’t  interfere with its natural habitat.

Featured Image: Nationalgeographic.de

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