How to Reach Yellowstone National Park

Getting to Yellowstone National Park is easy!

Located in the northwestern corner of Wyoming (USA), Yelllowstone also extends into Idaho and Montana. Get directions 

Any trip to Yellowstone begins with choosing a transportation method.

Visitors can drive through the park’s gates or take a train or bus to reach their destination. 

Listed below are several different ways to get to Yellowstone National Park

By Air

By Flight
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To get to Yellowstone National Park, you can either fly into Jackson Hole Airport or Yellowstone Airport.

These two airports are the primary gateways to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole Airport is the closest one.

It is approximately 30 miles or an hour’s ride away from the south entrance.

The drive from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful drives in America due to its lovely views and teeming wildlife. 

You can also fly into Yellowstone National Park from Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC).

Renting a car or driving from the airport is usually recommended since a car ride through the wilderness is truly enchanting.

You can find the distance and driving time from nearby airports to the five entrances of Yellowstone National Park here:

Nearby airports Distance Drive time
Jackson Hole Airport (Wyoming)71 miles from south entrance1.5 hours 
Salt Lake City International Airport (Utah)325 miles from west entrance5 hours
Yellowstone Regional Airport (Wyoming)55 miles from east entrance1.25 hours 
Yellowstone Airport (West Entrance)3 miles from west entrance10 minutes 
Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (Montana)91 miles from north entrance1.5 hours
Rapid City Regional Airport (South Dakota)440 miles from east entrance7.5 hours
Idaho Falls Regional Airport (Idaho)110 miles from west entrance1.5 hours
Billings Logan International Airport (Montana)129 miles from northeast entrance2 hours
Bert Mooney Airport (Montana)146 miles from west or north entrance2.5 hours

Note: Yellowstone Airport is only open for commercial operations during the peak season (June to September).

Jackson Hole has flights from Salt Lake City and Denver throughout the year, and from a few other locations during this season.

By Road

By Road
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The best way to get to Yellowstone National Park is by flying there and renting a car.

All of the gateway towns provide car rental services but having your own vehicle is still the most convenient way to get to the park.

Yellowstone National Park has five entrances east, west, north, south, and northeast on US routes 20, 191, 89, and 212, respectively.

Although the park is only about three hours away from Denver, taking a ride through the wilderness feels like teleporting to a different world altogether.

Due to its close proximity to Interstate 90, the park is simple to access from a variety of cities.

Taking Interstate 90 east through Idaho and Montana, then taking Wyoming Route 14 south, is the most direct way to reach Yellowstone. 

If you are coming from the west, take I-90 east through Montana and Wyoming before going south on Wyoming Route 14.

Visitors can also do a little sightseeing along the way, there are a number of stops along these highways that are worth checking out.

Cody, Wyoming (approximately an hour southwest of Yellowstone) boasts some excellent art galleries, museums, and restaurants.

Jackson Hole, which lies right next to Yellowstone National Park, has hiking paths in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Grand Teton National Park is located just north of Yellowstone National Park and features stunning waterfalls as well as good hiking paths.

By Bus

By Bus
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A number of bus companies provide pick-up services at airports and bus stations in Billings (Montana).

These buses drop you off at Yellowstone National Park Lodge or one of their other stops along the way.

You can also opt for the Salt Lake Shuttle Express that will take you from Utah to West Yellowstone (Montana).

From there you can take the private vehicle to Yellowstone National Park.

By Train

By Train
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Yellowstone National Park has no direct rail or train connection.

The nearest Amtrak station is Salt Lake City, from where you can take a bus to Jackson, one of Yellowstone’s five gateway towns.

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